We carry out a number of campaigns and projects the aim of which is to support reading and literacy. The aim of the campaigns is to inspire people from all age groups and backgrounds to read and to further develop the literacy in Finland. We are well-known for being a responsible and proficient associate. The campaigns and projects are based on comprehensive understanding on the field of reading and literature, including timely topics and current research themes.

Read Aloud encourage the parents of small children to read aloud to them. The campaign informs parents how reading aloud helps children to develop. Listening to regular read-aloud stories boosts children’s vocabulary, supports their emotional development and has a major influence on their future literacy and school performance. Reading aloud is one of the key factors in boosting the equality between children and families, regardless of their social or economic background. The campaign provides parents, educators and other adults hands-on information, hints and reading suggestions for children of all age groups.

The Nationa Literacy Forum organizes a campaign to promote reading motivation at schools, by using all the best practices shared in the Forum (such as author visits and celebrities). Schools are the channel to reach out to as many children as possible through regular morning assemblies and read-aloud sessions.

Words Matter encourages vocational school students to read. Sanat haltuun (‘Words matter!’) campaign is funded by UPM and implemented by the Finnish Reading Centre. The aim of the campaign is to find hands-on solutions to support literacy among vocational students. The methods vary from workshops to author visits.

The modern literacy in Finland (Uusi lukutaito) campaign concentrated on investigating, would the children be more motivated in reading on tablets compared to reading a printed book. The aim was also to find out, how reading activities, such as emotional stickers, would affect reading motivation.